About Extel

The Extel Survey began in 1974 with 53 asset management firms giving their views on the advice they were getting from their research analysts at stockbroking houses.

Today Extel is the foremost independent evaluation of quality across the European equities investment industry. Widely valued expertise in Developed & Emerging Europe, Middle East, North Africa, and Frontier Markets, Extel provides valued insights on hot topics such as social responsibility, the impact of MiFID II and unbundling.

The Extel 2016 saw over 19,000 investment professionals cast 1.1 million votes across the investment industry providing an unparalleled dataset to help you analyze and drive your market understanding.

In 2014, Extel was acquired by WeConvene, a revolutionary corporate access platform. Using the latest technology, we will expand our client solutions and enhance the integrity of the Extel product suite.

The Extel team is based in London and led by David Enticknap.

  • 1999
    Acquired by Thomson Reuters and the start of the transformation of Extel into the leading Pan-European Survey.
  • 2000
    Both collection of nominations and delivery of results happen online for the first time.
  • 2014
    Acquired by WeConvene and an increasing focus placed on leveraging new technology solutions.
  • 2016
    Record number of participants (over 19,000 investment professionals) and votes cast (1.1 million).
  • 2017
    Initial integration steps between WeConvene & Extel undertaken to position Extel for the next exciting phase of growth.

WeConvene and Extel

In July 2014, Extel became WeConvene Extel following the acquisition of the Extel business by WeConvene. The combined new business offers a global corporate access platform, Extel market surveys, bespoke studies and an integrated broker voting service.


Identifying Excellence

The leading survey of the investment community since 1974 - empowered by digital technology to deliver a comprehensive range of rankings, market trends and insights.

The Extel Team

David Enticknap

David Enticknap

Head of Extel

David joined WeConvene Extel Ltd. in August 2016 and is the Head of Extel. A former military helicopter pilot, David started his career in finance with five years in Equity Operations for NatWest Markets and UBS in London & Hong Kong. In 2003, he moved to CLSA, culminating in his role as Global Head of Client Management. A relocation to Europe followed in 2012, and he joined MainFirst AG as Head of Client Strategy in April 2014. David is married with three children and enjoys tennis, sailing, golf and cooking.

Marharyta Morozova

Marharyta Morozova

Head of Client Services and Product

Marharyta joined the Thomson Reuters Extel team as an intern in March 2008. Since then she has developed a reputation for providing excellent customer service and is Head of Client Services at WeConvene Extel Ltd. Marharyta has recently been promoted and her responsibilities now include Head of Product Development. In addition to English, Marharyta speaks Russian and Ukrainian, and is looking into learning more languages, be it French, Spanish or C#.

Mariola Mandla

Mariola Mandla

Head of Corporate Client Services

Mariola is Head of Corporate Client Services at WeConvene Extel Ltd. Mariola joined Thomson Reuters in 2008 as an Extel Relationship Executive where she developed an expertise in Investor Relations. During that time she carried out corporate engagements with IR in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and the USA; and collaborated with Thomson Reuters account managers, sales team and media relations. Mariola is fluent in English and Polish. Her interests outside work include cycling, Ashtanga yoga and sustainable living.

Jake Galbraith

Jake Galbraith

Senior Analyst

Jake joined Extel in February 2014 as an intern before accepting a permanent role within the Extel team in August 2014. Since then Jake and has since developed a strong rapport with buy and sell-side customers. Jake manages and develops the team that conducts much of the process around the survey data, including broker & research evaluations, and is also Extel’s Perception Study Coordinator. His interests outside of work include skiing, football and tennis.